Sunday, 25 June 2017

Code it Cody

Hi I'm Emily. I'm eight years old. Today, I am reviewing Code it Cody, which is part of a story book series by Clever Tykes, illustrated by Sam Moore.

Cody is a computer fixing expert although he has hearing problems so he has to wear hearing aids. When Brad’s computer  isn’t working Cody tries to fix it: it says ERROR CODE 2.357JKR. He thought that the computer was going to work and he was disappointed.

After that the teacher asked Cody if he could get Mr Chip. Cody thought Mr Chip was a robot who wants to eat his hearing aids. He knocked on the door and when he came in he saw loads of broken computers with wires sticking out.

As Cody walked into Mr Chip's office he heard a voice echoing down a path which he walked through and saw Mr Chip: he was a human who had a beard, glasses, a tie and a rectangular face. After school, Cody  went to after school club run by Mr Chip and met a girl who was shy and was very good at fixing computers as well.

At the end Miss Green keeps on playing video games  and some of the teachers had to wrestle it away from her. 

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