Sunday, 25 June 2017

Code it Cody

Hi I'm Emily. I'm eight years old. Today, I am reviewing Code it Cody, which is part of a story book series by Clever Tykes, illustrated by Sam Moore.

Cody is a computer fixing expert although he has hearing problems so he has to wear hearing aids. When Brad’s computer  isn’t working Cody tries to fix it: it says ERROR CODE 2.357JKR. He thought that the computer was going to work and he was disappointed.

After that the teacher asked Cody if he could get Mr Chip. Cody thought Mr Chip was a robot who wants to eat his hearing aids. He knocked on the door and when he came in he saw loads of broken computers with wires sticking out.

As Cody walked into Mr Chip's office he heard a voice echoing down a path which he walked through and saw Mr Chip: he was a human who had a beard, glasses, a tie and a rectangular face. After school, Cody  went to after school club run by Mr Chip and met a girl who was shy and was very good at fixing computers as well.

At the end Miss Green keeps on playing video games  and some of the teachers had to wrestle it away from her. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

The World's Worst Children 2

Hi, my name is Jasmin and I am 9 years old. Today I will be doing a review of a book called "The Worlds Worst Children 2" by David Walliams.

My favourite story in Worlds Worst Children 2 is Fussy Frankie as it is very funny when the vegetables come to life.

The main characters in Fussy Frankie are Frankie.

The most funny story was Spoiled Brad because he fell into his colossal cake on his birthday.

Cruel Clarissa is about a girl who hates cats.

Competitive Colin is about a boy called Colin who wants to win at everything so he cheats to win the Olympics.

Humbert the hungry baby is about a baby who eats everything and he grows really big.

I really liked this book and I think that anyone between 7-12 years old would really enjoy reading it, too.

Monday, 5 June 2017

AniMalcolm book review

Hi, we are Jasmin (nine years old) and Emily (eight years old), and today we will be doing a review of a book called AniMalcolm by David Baddiel.

It is a very good book and we enjoyed it very much. It is a good book for boys and girls.

The main character is Malcolm. He is ten years old.

All the people in Malcolm’s family (Malcolm’s mum, dad and sister) are animal crazy except for Malcolm who does not like animals at all. Malcolm’s mum is a vet.

Malcolm did not get what he asked for on his birthday. He wanted a computer (a FYZ Apache 321 computer)  but instead got a chinchilla. He probably felt disappointed because he was really looking forward to having a computer. Malcolm was angry and frustrated when on his birthday his parents did not give him the present he wanted.

My funniest part is when Malcolm gets monkey poo all over him. He was a lot younger and he was visiting the zoo with his Granddad and his family. They were laughing with him because he was covered in monkey Poo.

Malcolm did not want go on the year six trip,v which was to the farm because he does not like animals.  His parents wanted him to go on the trip so he could learn more about animals and to like them more.

On the school trip to the farm he meets K-pax, who is a magical goat and who was rescued from the Himalayas. He is wise and powerful. When Malcolm asked K-pax a question he turned Malcolm into an animal. Malcolm meets Benny and Bjornita who are his tortoise friends when he turns into an animal.

Malcolm’s parents feel sad and depressed when they find out Malcolm is missing and they search the farm for him. They cannot find him because he is an animal.

When Malcolm is trying to get home (when he is a pigeon) he is surprised to find out that his chinchilla speaks Spanish (espaƱol) and Malcolm is surprised and wonders why he speaks that language instead of English.

Malcolm’s mum and dad take him to the vets (he is a Chinchilla). When Malcolm turns back into a boy he is laying on an operating table at the vets. They were shocked and surprised to see him there.

When Malcolm turns back into a boy he likes animals more than he did before as he knows what life is really like as an animal. One year after Malcolm turned back into a boy, the next year six went to the farm for a trip - we don’t know what happened next ...

Watch this short trailer to find out more: