Thursday, 30 March 2017

Dork Diaries book review

In our house we love reading and our current favourite series is "Dork Diaries".
Here is my Dork Diaries book review to let you know what I think of it.
Nikki Maxwell lost her diary! Since starting at her new school Nikki has filled the diary with all her secrets and if the wrong person finds it her life will be over! So the hunt is on to track it down before anyone else does…have you ever lost anything like Nikki Maxwell did?
My most favorite character is Nikki Maxwell because she is kind to others and even though she is bullied by Mackenzie she helps others in need of her help.
I did not like it when someone stole Nikki Maxwell’s diary. Who could have stolen Nikki Maxwell’s diary?
I found it interesting when Nikki Maxwell wrote a letter to herself it was funny when Nikki Maxwell popped out of a actual birthday cake on her birthday.
I would change the ending by saying a dog got the diary and then the quest began to retrieve the diary.
Let me know in the comments if I've inspired you to read this book!

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